alimentationsDatacenters are particularly energy-consuming; they demand very important powers and a high security level in case of failure of the network of power supply. The consequences of a rupture of power supply are catastrophic. The company is not any more able to answer its customers, to transmit its requests to its suppliers
It has a direct impact on the turnover. The company can also undergo harmful losses of data for its activity. The dysfunctions of the supply are not all related to the supply of electricity. Other factors can generate more or less serious incidents. Among them, we can quote: the static electricity, an electromagnetic pollution, a defective or poor quality device.

The energy and the impact of the industrial activity on our environment become increasingly important subjects. Most of the time, the impact of the electric consumption of an IT center is not taken into account in the total budget of operation whereas this one is not negligible. To manage its consumption as well as possible and to know the environmental impact of your IT production, it is necessary to be able to make statements and to have the good indicators (PUE, DCIE, Power 55J
The inverter is equipment intended to correct the problems of power supply in order to allow a continuous operation of your IT center. You are protected from:

  • Variations of tension due to the network or to the starting up of certain materials
  • More or less long power supply cut-offs
  • Variations of frequencies induced by a generator
  • Harmonic distortions and parasites coming from electric appliances

To exploit your infrastructure in an optimal way, while reducing the costs and by increasing the availability, you must manage and control information of your Datacenter. The consumption of your equipment, the use of the resources, the reliability of your equipment and the capacity of your system will not have any more secret for you via our intelligent products.